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Abiu - Pouteria caimito Fruit Plant

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Size: Seedling Plant
  • Brand: M-Tech Gardens
  • Type: Plants
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 Variety Speciality Weight

Abiu Hybrid

Abiu Hybrid
An Abiu variety that bears a lot of fruit. Medium size. Fast fruiting.


250-350 g

Abiu Giant Abiu Giant
Good sized variety Abiu. One fruit weighs 700 gm. Fruits abundantly. Medium sweet.


700 gm

Abiu Sweet Nipple Abiu (sweet nipple)
These are abiu varieties with very small spikes on the tip of the fruit. A very sweet variety. A lot of fruit is obtained. One fruit weighs only 200-250 gm.


200-250 gm

Abiu Giant Nipple Abiu (Giant Nipple) Abiu is a species with long spikes at the tip of the fruit. Abiu is the best variety in terms of taste. Average weight 250 -300 gm.


250- 300 gm

Abiu Kg Abiu Kg
The heaviest variety of abiu fruit. A fruit weighs from 900 grams to 1 kg.


900- 1000 gm


Abiu - Pouteria caimito Fruit Plant is an ideal choice for a variety of landscaping projects. This plant features a smooth, yellow-green skin and a sweet, creamy flesh that is packed with juicy nutrients. With a high water content and low sugar content, it's a great choice for gardeners and landscapers alike.